About iEveryware

iEveryware enables you to quickly, easily and inexpensively create, deploy and maintain iPhone and iPad apps.

Hallmarks of the iEveryware experience include:

  • Rapid production of easy-to-use apps with no programming experience needed
  • Low cost to create and manage apps across multiple mobile platforms
  • Continuously expanding feature set


Content owners of all kinds can use iEveryware to create and publish apps to the wireless world. iEveryware users are diverse, including musicians, authors, actors, consultants, businesses, politicians, personalities, individuals, bloggers, video producers, event organizers and more.


iEveryware lets you create apps composed of a wide variety of content, including:

  • Media like photo galleries, videos, music and text
  • Feeds from Blogs, Twitter and other RSS sources
  • Web Content from linked or embedded HTML pages

And specialized packages, including:

  • Event and Concert Guides listing schedules, speakers and locations
  • Location Guides enabling users to find, learn about and map to the nearest of multiple locations
  • Info Guides with chapters and articles on topics of interest

You control the content in your apps online, so you can edit them anytime.

How to

iEveryware lets you create apps by selecting among a number of content sections, adding them to an app and then entering, uploading or linking your content into them.

You can create apps by any combination of composing content at iEveryware, uploading content to iEveryware or linking to your content anywhere else it resides on the Web. Popular sources of content include YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger and personal websites.




Paul Hershenson, John Opferkuch


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Suite 1050
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: 626-375-6714