What is iEveryware?

iEveryware is an application development framework and content management system for creating iPhone and iPad apps without coding.

Who is it for?

iEveryware can be used to create iPhone and iPad apps for anyone with content. iEveryware has been used to create apps for musicians, authors, schools, artists, video producers, actors, bloggers, restaurants, newspapers, and small and large businesses. iEveryware also includes tools for creating location finder apps and interactive programs for conferences, concerts and other events.

We also have special tools for people to create location finder apps and event apps, replacing printed programs for conferences, concerts and other gatherings.

What content is supported?

iEveryware is based on modular building blocks called “Sections”. There are Sections for news feeds, photos, videos, audio files, audio streams, PDFs, basic informational content, hierarchical informational guides, web pages, locations, Twitter feeds, Blog feeds, YouTube channels and more.

How do I create an app, submit it to the App Store and maintain it?

Contact us for an iEveryware account. Login to your account. Choose the Sections you want. Upload or link to your content. Customize and configure the look and feel of your Sections. Download the iEveryware Mobile app from the App Store and see what your app looks like on your iPhone or iPad. When you’re ready to publish your app, contact us and we’ll guide you through paying for your app and submitting it to the App Store.

Can I charge for my app?

Yes or no – it’s up to you. If you want your app to be free, we will upload it to the App Store for you on your Apple account or our Apple account. If you want to charge for your app, you have to create your own account with Apple and then we’ll upload it there for you. We won’t take any part of your revenues.

You can make your own Apple account here.

What does it cost?

Contact us for pricing information.