Making My App

How do I make an app?

It’s easy:

  1. Start by choosing the Sections you want to include in your app. Sections are the building blocks of apps; they can contain different kinds of media and features like photos, videos, text and more.
  2. Once you have chosen your Sections, start filling them in with content.
  3. Download our Preview app from the App Store to see how your app runs. You can continue to make edits and view the changes in real time via the Preview app.
  4. When you're happy with your app, click Publish to let us know it's ready to submit to the App Store. Once your app is live, you can login to iEveryware and continue making changes.
How long does it take to make an app?
Simple apps can be built with iEveryware very quickly - some in as little as an hour. More complex apps take longer, but rarely longer than a day or two. Once we submit your app to the App Store, it usually takes Apple one to two weeks to approve it.
What kind of content can I put into my app?
Popular types of content include photos, videos, music, podcasts, informational pages, Twitter, Blog, other RSS feeds and more. You can also use iEveryware to create Event apps, Location Finder apps, Guidebook apps and more.
What if I want to include types of content I don't see listed?
Most types of content, including photos, videos, music and text can be included in apps you make with us. If you do not see what you are looking for, ask us via our Contact Form. We might support the content that you want to include, but not have it listed or we might plan to support it very soon.
How do I get my content into my app?
This varies depending on the Sections you choose. Generally, you can either enter your information directly into iEveryware, link to your content's URL anywhere on the Web or upload your content to iEveryware servers.
What will my app look like?
On iPhone and iPod touch Devices, your app will contain tab icons at the bottom of the screen, with each tab icon linked to one of your Sections. For iPad apps, your app will contain a list of your Sections. On all iOS apps, your app will have your custom splash screen (the full screen image that displays while your app loads) and your custom icon (the image on users' devices that is clicked to launch your app).

You can always see exactly what your app will look like by downloading our Preview app from the App Store, logging into your app, and selecting your app from the app list.


How much does it cost to make an app?
Contact us for pricing information.

Apple: Getting into the App Store

What do I do once my app is complete?
Once your app is complete, it must be submitted to the App Store if you want to make it available for others to use. You can do this by Publishing your app within iEveryware.
How do I get my app into the App Store?
Just Publish your app within iEveryware and we will take care of the rest. We can submit your app either using our Apple account (the most easy and inexpensive option for you) or using your Apple account (which requires you to first setup a developer account with Apple).
Do I need to create my own account with Apple?
No - If you don't want to charge for your app, you can submit it via our Apple account.
Will Apple charge me to submit my app to the App Store?
It depends - You only have to pay Apple if you decide to create and have us use your Apple developer account instead of ours. To create an account with Apple costs $99 per year, plus 30% of your app sales revenue if you decide to charge for your app.
How do I get my app description into iTunes?
Enter all of the iTunes listing information into iEveryware and we will get it into iTunes for you. This includes your app's name, description, keywords, profile image and screen shots.
Will you help me with the App Store submission process?
Yes - If you choose to submit your app using our Apple developer account, we will handle the entire app submission process. If you choose to submit your app using your Apple developer account, we will handle the submission process as well, but impose a surcharge for the time required of our staff to do so.
How long does the App Store approval process take?
If you submit your app to the App Store using our Apple account, your app will likely take one-to-two weeks to get reviewed and approved. If you submit your app to the App Store using your Apple account, you first have to get your Apple account approved (which can take one-to-two weeks) and then we will submit your app (which takes another one-to-two weeks).
What if my App is rejected by Apple?
Nine out of ten apps submitted by iEveryware are approved the first time they are submitted. If your app is rejected due to its content, we will guide you in how to change your content so that your app can be resubmitted and approved.

Apple: Earning money from my app

How can I benefit from my app?
You can give your app away for free to build your brand awareness and drive customers to your main line of business. Alternatively, you can charge for your app.
Should I charge for my app or give it away for free?
It depends - If your app contains promotional material for your company, then it makes sense to give it away. If your app contains valuable content in and of itself, then it makes sense to charge for your app.
How much should I charge for my app?
You can charge $0.99 or more for your app. Our experience indicates that a $0.99 purchase is a "no-brainer" for most consumers, while more expensive purchases require some thought.
How do I charge for my app?
To charge for your app, first make sure that you have a developer account with Apple. If you don't have one, you can get one here: Once you have an Apple account, set-up your pricing information within iEveryware. We will take care of the rest.
What percentage of my app sales revenue do I have to pay Apple?
Apple deducts a 30% fee for all of your app sales. Apple will calculate this before sending you payments for your sales. We will not take any part of your app sales revenue.
What percentage of my app sales revenue do I have to pay to iEveryware?
Nothing. We do not take any portion of your app sales revenue.
How will Apple pay me for my app sales?
When you create a developer account with Apple, which is required if you want to charge for your app, you will be directed to enter banking information so that Apple can directly deposit sales money into your bank account.
Can I put ads in my app?
Yes. iEveryware can enable Apple iAd in your app upon request.

Content Ownership and Rights

Who will own the content I put in my app?
You will retain 100% ownership of your content that you put into your app. We do not take rights to any of your content.
Do I have to own the rights to the content I put in my app?
You either have to own the content you put into your app or if not, the content must be included without violating any copyrights. Often, you can legally "include" other people's content in your app by linking to it elsewhere on the Web, such as by listing others' YouTube videos.

App Marketing

How will people find my app and download it?
People can find your app in the App Store by searching for its title or keywords. The best way to have people find your app, though, is to market it among your desired user base.
How can I market my app?
There are lots of ways to market your app, primarily including getting the word out to your desired user base by email, Facebook, Twitter, advertising and other popular marketing channels.
Can you help market my app?
We're sorry, but we can only help make your app. We do feature customers' apps on our website from time-to-time. We also Facebook and Tweet the approval of many of our apps, which can include yours.

Changes and Maintenance

Can I change the content in my app?
Yes. You can change the content in your app anytime, even if it has already been published. Any changes that you make will occur in real time for all your users to see. For any portions of your app that have content coming-in via a feed or external URL, that content will automatically be updated in your app whenever you update it at the source.
Can I change the contents of my app even after it has been published in the App Store?
Yes. You can change the contents in your app even after it has been published to the App Store. Just log into iEveryware to make changes and they will be reflected in real time in your app.
Can I add or delete Sections from my app?
Yes. You can add or delete or edit Sections in your app anytime, even if your app has already been Published. Any changes will be reflected in real time for all of your users to see.
What if you add new features to Sections or new Sections to Combos I purchased?
We will give them to you. As long as you remain a paying monthly customer, we will provide free updates to your app, including any new types of content support or capabilities we add to what you have purchased.